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Actions List of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC35/WG6

User Interfaces for People with Special Needs

– Including the Elderly and Disabled

Old or amended :

2. Request for liaison with ETSI HF to be followed up. (France L for SC35)

3. Invite Knut Nordby, ETSI HF, as observer at the next WG6 meeting. (France L)

4. General: Collect information on ongoing work, existing reports, web sites etc of interest for the two work items.

See N400/401:

-Copies of existing symbols that could be potential candidates…

-Details of any existing guidelines or research…

-Lists of web site addresses of national organizations…

(All participants to Richard Hodgkinson three weeks before next meeting)

6. Formally contact CEN TC122 and CEN TC224/WG6 and DATSCG and ISO TC159/SC4 for exchange of information. (France L)

7. Other contacts. (Mainly a task for the editor and convener)


9. Write 1st Working Draft TR 19765 before next meeting (Richard H)

10. Invite more Japanese participation at next meeting (Yoshikazu Y)

11. Give more input before next meeting (Yves N, Yanis M, Yoshikazu Y and Chae Woo Y)

12. Study the program and decide if to participate at the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI conference Accessibility for All, March 2003, Nice, France (All)

13. Investigate possibilities for a joint meeting with ISO 159/4/5 subgroup

(Richard H and Wolf A)